Saturday, 1 September 2012

Promovideo - Kovver - Liveact@DeManuscript

Liveact De Manuscript, Oostende, Belgium.

Behind the Scene - Diskonnekted - Rehearsal

What are we doing exactly when Emeric, Didier 'Snake' Salvatore and I are rehearsing for a live gig? Like a fly on the wall, Romuald 'Ishoothorizon' Swieconek watched us and shot footage that gives a pleasant view behind the scene. Diskonnekted at work: as seen through the eyes of Ishoothorizon.

Trailer - Diskonnekted - A tribute to Ambassador21

Rehearsal fun...

Remixed - Diskonnekted - Paul Udarov

Remixed version of the Official video by Romuald 'Ishoothorizon' Swieconek.

Video - Diskonnekted - Conspiracy

Official video by Romuald 'Ishoothorizon' Swieconek

Video - Diskonnekted - Justify

Official video by Romuald 'Ishoothorizon' Swieconek recorded in the empty swimming pool of Ostend, Belgium.

Video - Diskonnekted - Neverland

Official video by Romuald 'Ishoothorizon' Swieconek

Videocontest - Psy'Aviah - Paranoid

Making art cures some mental illnesses, maybe hypnosis also, combined with the graphics from Psy'Aviah.

Video - Mildreda - Aborted

Shot during the livegig 27 december 2011, Twilight, Oostende.

Trailer - Mildreda - Aborted

Trailer for liveact Mildreda, Twilight, Oostende, Belgium, december 2011.